Interested in Joining?

To join the NCT, it is required that you are a Master Mason in good standing with a recognized lodge in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. There are two categories of regular members- those belonging to a Chapter, and the Members-at-Large. If there is a particular Chapter to which a member can belong, he is most likely to derive more from his membership by belonging to and participating in the activities of that Chapter. A member may have associate membership in as many chapters as he desires. It is only required that members pay National dues one time annually, and the chapter through which his National dues is paid is considered his Home Chapter.

Our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30. Dues are as follows:

  • New Member Initiation Fee- $10.00
  • Annual National Dues- $30.00
  • Annual Member-At-Large Fee- $10.00.

(Note: the annual National dues are pro-rated to $15.00 for those new members joining between January 1 and June 30).

In accordance with the National By-Laws, each Chapter establishes its own dues. The member-at-large fee is charged in lieu of Chapter dues to help defray the cost of mailing those items which are normally sent in bulk to the Chapter Secretary for issuance. We do not use a billing system, so Chapter members are expected to pay their National and Chapter dues to their Chapter Secretary. The National dues are in turn sent to the National Secretary-Treasurer. Members-at-large send their annual National dues and annual member-at-large fee directly to the National Secretary-Treasurer.