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National Camping Travelers

National Camping Travelers

National Camping Travelers


While  the 2016 National Rally is History, The Planning for the 2017 Rally is WELL UNDERWAY!



A Summary of the 2016 Rally   Watch for Photos in the near future.

A total of 69 units were in attendance at the Fairgrounds in Frankfort, NY.  These units came from as far away as Florida, California, Colorado and Ontario Canada.  Units also came from Maryland, Tennessee, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Rhode Island and of course New York.  New York had the highest attendance with 13 units, followed closely with 11 units from Ontario, Canada. 

Everyone that I talked to had great things to say about the Rally. The Entertainment could not have been better.

Special thanks to Art Spencer for chairing and putting this rally together and a Huge Thank You to his wife Janeen who kept all the details as Registraion and the many extras loose ends that she picked up.  Well Done Art and Janeen.




What is NCT?

National Camping Travelers Inc. is an organization dedicated to bringing Masonic families together for fun and fellowship,while continuing to uphold our Masonic Teachings.

National Camping Travelers Inc. was founded in 1966 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by the late Brother Myron Fox and his family along with twenty-one other Masonic families.

Since 1966 our organization has spread, creating chapters all across North America. We currently have 61 active chapters in 31 states and one chapter in Canada.